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Mogg Ridge - April 10th, 1918: a few mismatches

Eran Tearosh

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April 10th, 1918, was a terrible day of fighting for the 75th Division,  nicknamed by the BHO "The action of Burkein". Writing an article, I decided to concentrate on this tiny ridge, on the right of that day's actions. However, I found several differences in various sources, mainly regarding the acts of Lieutenant Fredrick Barter (V.C, M.C) and Rifleman Karanbahadur Rana, who won the V.C. for his actions that day on this hill. 

Lieut. Barter is not mentioned in the BOH, however, reading about him on the web, it is quoted that he received his M.C. for his actions of April 10th, at El-Kufr. But, looking at the citation, it simply doesn't fit the ground and the details of this battle. Now, moving over to The regimental history of the 3rd Queen Alexandra's own Gurkha Rifles we find (p. 204) that the M.C. was awarded to Lieu. Barter for the Banat Barr (Benat Burrey in the Gurkha book) action, on March 12th. The details fit, which means that probably most internet sources are wrong regarding Barter's M.C.. Unfortunately, I couldn't find a date connected to the citation: If that can be found - The issue will be solved. 

The second issue is also connected to Lieut. Barter. In the Gurkha book (p. 207) we read this:


The BOH describes the event completely differently: 


Back to Ghurkha's book. 


Looks like this describes exactly the action described in BOH, including hours. However - this contradicts most of the details regarding Lieut. Barter miraculous saving. 

Love to read your thoughts



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To add to the post above:


As to Lieutenant's Barter M.C. - note this link, of no less than the website of the RWF's Museum, where Barter's V.C. can be seen:


After checking a few more internet sites, I want to take back what I wrote yesterday, that 'most' websites refer to Barter's M.C. connected to April 10th, 1918. There are a few (like the example above), but the majority simply states that he was granted the M.C. 


However, several reports do connect Karanbahadur Rana's V.C. to saving Barter's life (As I mentioned, not exactly fitting the BOH). for example:



Last - 'Mogg Ridge' battlefield is now a place called Bruchin (right side of this map). El Kufr is actually Kufr al-Dik





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The annotated citation from WO389/7/1 courtesy of the NA




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Thank you, Charlie

That was my thought. So, the RWFs got it wrong. I'll write them about it. 


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Mate the mention of German Troops sent me checking through what I have on them during that time

Germans show at lest two formations in action around this time (10 April 1918) with 164th Regt (late April at Es Salt) and Bn's 702 and 703

While none mention that date or place of fighting, the closest I found was Kefr, which you mention was close to Mogg Ridge

Forster Erwin Karl    Musketier    703rd Bn - 3Co - Infanterie-Bataillon 703    1917-18    (1891 at Augsberg ) PoW 9-4-18 at El Kefr (not confirmed)?
Gerlach Willi Karl    Gefr    702nd Bn - 3Co - Infanterie-Bataillon 702    1917-18    (1894 at Altenheim Breslau ) PoW 9-4-18 at El Kefr (not confirmed)?
Marek Josef August     Musketier    702nd Bn - 4Co - Infanterie-Bataillon 702    1917-18    (1896 at Zaborze I Hindenburg ) vermißt MIA reported PoW 9-4-18 at El Kefr 
Mosch Robert (Feliz)     Gefr    702nd Bn - Infanterie-Bataillon 702    1917-18    (1896 at Hohenlinde Beuthen ) vermißt MIA reported PoW 9-4-18 at El Kefr 
Schlüter Arthur Friedrich Helmuth    Gefr    703rd Bn - 3Co - Infanterie-Bataillon 703    1917-18    (1889 at Berlin ) vermißt MIA reported PoW 9-4-18 at El Kefr 
Schröder Richard August Bruno    Unteroffizier    702nd Bn - 3Co - Infanterie-Bataillon 702    1917-18    (1891 at Berlin ) vermißt MIA reported PoW 9-4-18 at El Kefr 
Weinreich Heinrich     Musketier    702nd Bn - (4Co) - Infanterie-Bataillon 702    1917-18    (1897 at Corbach Cassel ) PoW 9-4-18 at El Kefr (not confirmed)?
Wittkowski Franz    Musketier    702nd Bn - 3Co - Infanterie-Bataillon 702    1917-18    (1893 at Culmsee Thorn ) vermißt MIA reported PoW 9-4-18 at El Kefr 

Now if both German Bn's were in that area, you have strong German units hold that area.

Sorry but there's not much else here as I could not find a German/Ottoman account of the fighting

But if men from these Bn's were captured around the 9 April then maybe Charlie can find them and or others taken around these dates?

Of cause just the throw in the odd man out

Adler Karl    Musketier    146th Regt - 2Bn - 8Co - Infanterie-Regiment 146    1917-18    (1886 at Nieder Linda Lauban )  vermißt MIA 9-4-18 possibly PoW

Tiedmann Johann    Musketier    146th Regt - 2Bn - 7Co - Infanterie-Regiment 146    1917-18    (1897 at Braunsberg Abbau ) vermißt MIA possibly PoW 10-4-18 in Palästina

No place for there capture ?

Funny as the BOWH does not mention the 703 Bn there, only the 701 and 702 Bn's


I notice the BOWH mention that the Ottoman 46th Div (LtCol Hüseyin Hüsnü Emir (Erkilet) was in the battle with the loss of 9 officers and 193 men

Now the British Intell reports give the 46th Div as 

shown April 1918 Allied reports (3100 men 18 MGs 100 cav)

With 144th Regt (850 men 18 MGs) 1Bn/191st Regt det 145th Regt (to 3rd Cav Div) (800 men 18 Mgs) - (reported in BOWH 9 officers and 193 men lost in fighting at 11-4-18) (Sorry but the MG's appear incorrect in the British reports?) 

144th Regt - LtCol Adil Bey - shown Abdul Kadir order of battle Turkish Army dated 1917) 

No mention of the 145th Regt and 146th Regt in this action

145th Regt - Maj Ali Riza shown Ali Bey order of battle Turkish Army dated 1917) 146th Regt - possibly Maj Pfeiffer (G)

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Hi Steve

Indeed, most of the action in this part of the front line was between British & Indian units of the 75th Div. and the German units of Asia Corps. 

Kefr Hill & El Kefr itself were captured on April 9th. Look here and note that interesting remark regarding the concealed German soldier in the village (at the end):



Here's a map that will help with the names appearing in this paragraph:


Please note:

You won't find the name El Kefr (or Kufr) in today's maps. The name is Kufr Al Dik. 

Kefr Hill, mentioned in the text, is a small dominating hill (1309) just southwest of the village itself. 

As seen on the map - Mogg Ridge is just north-northeast of El Kefr 





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Yes the German units seam strange here, as with the different companies lost as prisoners.

3Co 703 Bn

3Co and 4Co 702 Bn 

So were the 3Co 702 taking over the area from the Ottoman 144th Regt, when the attack came in on the 9 April, and soon drew in elements of the 4Co 702 Bn and later 3Co 703 Bn




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