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Stirnpanzer - Is it real?

Juan Pedro

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I recently acquired this ww1 repainted stirnpanzer but am unsure of whether it is real or not. It has plenty of wear under the paint and you can see a few spots where the paint has chipped and you can see metal. Also in a few spots you can see really rough texture. 

I am just unsure and I would love to hear all your guys opinions! 




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Hello Juan,

Welcome to the forum. You may already be aware of this group but the 'War Relics Forum' has a number of articles relating to the 'Stirnpanzer', one of which deals with a question of authentication https://www.warrelics.eu/forum/stahlhelms/stirnpanzer-real-693249/ If one of our experts can't offer any advice it might be worth registering.

Apparently a Stirnpanzer should be marked RV and a lot number. RV stands for Rhein Metall Viersen.

I did like the answer given by one member 'Here is a somewhat unscientific test to try. Holding it up by the strap, strike the plate with a rubber hammer - it should ring like a church bell.'

Hopefully one of our experienced members will be of more assistance.

Gunner 87

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Fakes abound. But I know of a few crates of these that were unearthed on the Somme in about 2008. I think about 200 were found in one location all with the remains of leather straps attached. However I also know of a Militaria dealer in Kent who owned a mint example and had about 30 copies made from it. 

So buyer beware.

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