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59th Field Ambulance, 19th (Western) Division.

high wood

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many thanks for your help. I am surprised that the dark blue and the white either side of the thin black stripe show up as the same colour in a black and white photograph. But, I do not doubt your evidence. A British War Medal ribbon is the most likely one to be worn in July 1919 by a soldier not entitled to a 1914/15 Star.



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It would appear then that we have two main contenders amongst the September Quarter Potterspury bridegrooms, neither of whom are an exact fit.

Firstly, Cpl. Harold George Swannell, 1865-434026, 2nd South Midland Mounted Brigade Field Ambulance, R.A.M.C. Later 205387 Northamptonshire Regiment. Served in the Middle East from 8th April 1915 and finally departed from Egypt on 27th May 1919. If he married in his uniform, I would have expected to see him wearing a 1914/15 Star and Northamptonshire Regiment insignia.

Secondly, we have Pte, 24951 Frederick Stanley Southin, R.A.M.C. It is possible that he was promoted Corporal after November 1918 and was still serving at the time of his wedding, but his service papers have not survived so at this stage, it is conjecture.

Oddly, neither Frederick nor his wife, Catherine Elizabeth A Lamberth, had a connection with Pottersbury, he being a Sussex resident and she coming from Kent. In the 1921 Census they are boarding in Sussex and have a young daughter, Ruby A E Southin age 6 and born in Chichester. I cannot find a birth for a Ruby in Sussex in 1914-15 or 16 with either the surname Lamberth or Southin.

The child may not have been fathered by Frederick Southin, or was but he was not in a position to marry her at the time. I will have to research further but it might expain why the marriage took place in such an out of the way location.

southin 21.jpg

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