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Tea or sugar container


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Today always on the English front line but on outposts manned by Vickers and Lewis, we found for the first time the container of tea or sugar in acceptable conditions and with its lid, I assume, can you also confirm our interpretations?








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here is a tea box . It measures 10 cm by 7.5cm. The one with the label comes from an article by Joe Sweeney in Militaria Magazine.There are different models I think.




Numérisation_20230411 (2).jpg

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Thanks @MURAT for your input and explanations.

From what I see, the jar we found appears to be similar if not the same as the one in the second photo.

So far we had found some but they were in very bad condition, this one is quite well preserved and is complete with its lid which was not far from the open jar.

I think I'll leave it like this without further restoration other than a good wash in running water

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