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Remembered Today:

Long Serving Nurses and the Award of a Bar to the Royal Red Cross


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In the post ‘Four Funnelitis – On duty as Hospital Ships, Aquitania & Mauretania & Britannic etc’, I mentioned both Elizabeth Ann DOWSE & Sidney J. BROWNE as having served in three conflicts, Egypt, the Boer War & WW1 and wondered if they where unique.

Whilst researching a post WW2 GSM came across a two nurses who’s long service history was similar to the above.

Louisa Watson TULLOH at the age of 91 contributed an article to the QARANC Gazette containing a few of her reminiscences of over 31 years of service. She tells of meeting Florence Nightingale and Queen Victoria – an interesting read: 


Photo of her medals https://twitter.com/slhhp/status/720930262125842432

Appointed Army Nursing Service 13th September 1887.

Served Assouan (Aswan) & Cairo, Egypt 19th December 1888 to January 1894.

Boer War, 24th February 1900 to 13th November 1902.

WW1, 30th April 1915; Louisa Watson Tulloh having attained the age for retirement was retained on the active list, supernumerary to Establishment. 

17th May 1917; following a bout of influenza and bronchitis Louisa was passed fit for duty at home and requested to take over the duties of Matron at the War Hospital, Guildford, a role she held until handing over on 26th March 1919. She was placed on retired pay from 9th May 1919.

(WO 399/8458, page 44 for resumé of career)

* * * * *

Sarah Elizabeth ORAM

Appointed Army Nursing Service 1st May 1886.

Served Cairo, Egypt, 1891 to 1896 (tending sick and wounded sent from the Dongola expedition).

Boer War, 20th January 1900 to 30th October 1902.

WW1, A/Matron in Chief, Egyptian Expeditionary Force, 14th April 1915 to 21st April 1919.

Retired 4th June 1919.

(WO 399/6348, pages 24 & 26 for resumé of career)

More regarding the award of the R.R.C. & early careers for both Sarah Elizabeth Oram and Louisa Watson Tulloh:

https://rcnarchive.rcn.org.uk/data/VOLUME023-1899/page289-volume23-07thoctober-1899.pdf  (and the next two pages).

The award of a bar to the R.R.C. is another feature which links for all four Matrons.

Regards ZeZe

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