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45 British Stationary Hosp


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Sorry about this, but I was trying to find where the 45th British Stat Hosp was around 27 Jan 1918

I have a LH Soldier who was sent there on that date, before moving to the 44th British Stat Hosp 1 Feb 1918

The soldier is

STEEL    Robert    3067    Pte    7 LHR    23R to isol camp 6-17 to 2 LHTR 7-17 tos 116Co Rlwy Constr RE 8-17 WIA 27-1-18 R/leg with impetago & boils accident at ? to 2 LHTR 5-18 rtn 116Co 5-18 to hosp (malaria) 7-18 to 2 LHTR 8-18 Tos B Sqn D Troop (7 LHR) 9-18 to Gallipoli 11-18 rtn to L/Cpl 1-19 T/att rest Camp Port Said 3-19 to hosp (malaria) 3-19 RTA invalided MU malaria Ex CCo/2Bn (347) to ACo 1-15 WIA 7-5-15 face R/eye bomb near Browns Dip evac to (15 BGH) hosp Egypt 5-15 rtn 6-15 WIA 18-7-15 L/thigh bomb reported in Turkish attack on Browns Dip evac to (Floriana) Hosp Malta 7-15 to (3 London GH) hosp Wandsworth UK 9-15 (G) RTA wounded & loss of memory disch 11-10-16

His file implys he was injured in an accident, but also includes his illness

So I did wonder if he was injured or was ill?

I have no idea where the 116Co Railway Construction Co was for him to be injured, so maybe he was close to the hosp?

Unless some kind sole knowns where the 116Co was at that time?





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The records for the 45th SH have not been digitised yet but I found a reference that states it was at El Arish and Kantara in Egypt



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Thanks mate its a start.

I had thought they maybe up rebuilding the rail line in Palestine during this time, from the new Ottoman rail system

But El Arish in Sinai is close


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Hi Steven,

There are several photos of 45 Stationary Hospital here:


The backs of the photos have some info but I cannot see a date or reference to place other than ‘by the sea’. To me the location looks most likely to be Egypt or Palestine. There is a railway line in one of the photos.

Regards ZeZe

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Thanks mate interesting.

I think some photos show Mex camp outside Alexandria, and or the camps around Sollum, with the Hosp Ship "Rasid" evac wounded during the fighting in Late 1915 early 1916 in the Western desert.



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