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Medical abbreviation "Inf" - infection or inflammation?


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On very many of the Casualty lists, men's conditions include the abbreviation "Inf." such as the four examples in this list from June 1915:


I have also noted Inf. appearing before:

  • dental periosteum, 
  • frontal sinus,
  • left tarsus,
  • lungs,
  • mouth,
  • mucus membrane,
  • intestines,
  • lymphatic vessels of the arm,
  • ribs,
  • stomach,
  • sub-maxiliary gland,
  • tonsils.

I had originally speculated that Inf would stand for infection, but looking at the Nomenclature of Diseases, for example this page in the index, I now think that Inf. stands for Inflammation.  What do others think?



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Just now, jay dubaya said:

In the context of the casualty list I would agree - Inf = Inflamation

Thanks jay dubaya. 

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