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Hospital Blues

Private Wilkinson

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Here is a picture of my soldier, Private Leonard Wilkinson 37342. He was wounded at the Battle of Arras and extracted from the line. Am I right in a) thinking that this is a picture of him wearing Hospital Blues and b) does anyone know the meaning of '820 L'? He was fighting with 10th bn West Yorks when he suffered a Guns Shot Wound, Chest. He survived the war.

Thanks for any help received.

New HopBlues.jpeg

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I think 820 L is probably a photographers negative/plate identification number.  The style of pic looks like those done for ID cards and passes where it was more important to track the correct image to the correct person than a commercial portrait image (where the negative/plate number is usually more discrete - usually off to the side at the bottom rather than here where it is very obvious)


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