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Map sheet number X27 "A"


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Can anyone explain the label in the top right corner of the attached map? It is from the war diary of the 4th Battalion of the NZ Rifle Division, September 1916. It appears to be a map sheet number rather than a grid square. 



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It seems the map was produced by the 4th Field Survey Company, RE, for the Fourth Army to save them from having to print two maps per Corps when Corps sectors straddled two standard map sheets. This practice began about September 1916. I have yet to find a description of the sheet labelling system or to find an index of the sheets. 

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I think you’ve answered your own question. Little maps like this were produced locally, often for a specific operation, and had a limited circulation and shelf life. There was no centralised coordination as for standard sheets, so the numbering appears to have been pretty random, sufficient only to make sense when referred out from the relevant operational order.

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