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Palace Hospital in Helwan/Helouan


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Tracing the whereabouts of my relative in Egypt and I've come across a confusing bit of naming.

After being taken ill and leaving Gallipoli he travelled on hospital ship to Egypt where his records state he stayed for 2 days in "Palace H. Helouan".

I am assuming "Palace H" means Palace Hotel or Palace Hospital, but the only records of a Hospital I can find in Helwan are at the Al-Hayat Hotel or the Grand Hotel. There are records of a Tewfik Palace Hotel, but I'm not sure if this was used a military hospital? Would Palace Hotel just be another name for the AL-Hayat?

Also, his record shows he only stayed at the "Palace H" for 2 days before being moved to the Red Cross Hospital in Giza where he stayed for a month. It seems strange to be moved so quickly - was that common?

Any help would be appreciated!


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Could it be El Montaza Palace?, which during the First World War was used as a military field hospital for soldiers.

Located on the eastern side of Alexandria, near the seafront (the Montaza Bay/Park district also referred to as Helnan).



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Available online, prewar publications, but may be of interest

Helouan : an Egyptian health resort and how to reach it by H Overton Hobson 1906

https://archive.org/details/helouanegyptianh00hobs/page/n7/mode/2up including https://archive.org/details/helouanegyptianh00hobs/page/16/mode/2up page 16 which lists the hotels.

Helouan page 345 Twentieth Century Impressions of Egypt. Its History, People, Commerce, Industries, and Resources by Arnold Wright and H. A. Cartwright 1909



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Who was your rellie serving with?

A possible clerical mistake, writing 'Helouan' instead of 'Heliopolis'? 

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