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Surgeon Ltn Colonel Frederick William Gibbon, Officer Commanding Military Hospitals at Gosport, Ripon & Grimsby


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Dear GWF members,

I have been preparing a profile on Surgeon Lt Col Gibbon, and whilst I have details of his active involvement within the Volunteer & Territorial Army (see attached profile) I have no information as to his Great War service as Officer Commanding the Military Hospitals at Gosport, Ripon & Grimsby. Hence I am seeking assistance to have explained his actual role  with these commands and the nature of the three hospitals with which he is purported to have been the Commanding Officer. If there are any photographs or records relating to his Great War Service that would be of tremendous assistance to flesh out his career.

I have tried the National Archives, and whilst I can see a record relating to Gibbon, as I am overseas it does not appear to be accessible. 




Surg Lt Col GibbonV322012023.pdf

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