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Are there passenger lists for troop ships returning to Australia


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I'm trying to identify a soldier who was on board the SUEVIC in October 1915.  As the SUEVIC embarked from Australia in December 1915 I believe he would have been returning home after being injured.  Does anyone know if passenger lists were kept for these journeys?  I know he was a Sergeant and I know his first name but that is all unfortunately.

Thank you

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Have you looked at his service papers ? (I’m assuming he’s Australian army )

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Yes he's an Australian Sergeant, but I don't have a last name.  I was hoping that if there was a passenger list I could locate any Sergeant A. (?surname) and narrow it down.  TROVE has an online newspaper database which sometimes lists officers of returning ships but unfortunately it doesn't seem there was one for this particular journey printed.

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