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Remembered Today:

Help needed again! Greatcoat....

Chris P

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I've had this one a while. I've looked at all the different patterns, but this doesn't seem to fit any in particular......as usual!

It's had some period repairs......looks to have been back to a clothing depot for a refurb......various patches added, including one with part of a second 1915 dated label stitched into the hem. Sleeves are lined with a lightweight twill, which is held in place at the bottom of the sleeve with a row of stitches all round. Bottoms of sleeves are raw edged, no turnbacks, no rifle patches.

Any help appreciated!

Thanks, Chris P.


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Chris P,

Yes its WWI and it is American Made. It is the simplified pattern introduced in late 1914.

I have one from the same company. The SIM before the tear means "simplified".

900000 came from America. Quite a few never made it into British stores and went to costume companies (this is where a lot of repairs came from)..

By the way the costume company in NYC, where many of these came-out of, never property marked the coats.

Joe Sweeney

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Were Aussie ones the same model???

is this pattern ok?



The Australian great coats were similar but not the same. There is an image of an Australian great coat shown at:


I will try to find more images, and post them later.

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Thanks Joe........I'm glad it's good......even if it's US made! Incidentally.......it has got two NY property co stamps....Property of Eaves Costume Co, NY.

Thanks again, Chris P.

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