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Remembered Today:

You can request that the Internet Archive (Archive.org) digitise particular books.


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If you have tried without success to locate a digitised copy of a particular book at the Internet Archive, you can request that this book be digitised.

There are no guarantees that your book will be digitised, or  when this might be done, but the procedure is

Go to "Open Library"  https://openlibrary.org. This is an initiative of the Internet Archive. Sign in, using your Internet Archive sign in. (If you haven't got an Internet Archive sign in, go to https://archive.org and register)

Search Open Library for the book you want  to read online. Hopefully there will be a catalogue entry. If the book has not been digitised the catalogue page will say "Not in Library". To request this book be digitised click on "Want to Read"

If your book of interest is not in the catalogue, you will need to create a new page. Click on your profile icon, top right hand corner of the Open Library webpage, and scroll down to "Add a book" . When you have added the book, click on "Want to Read"

I was told in a past email from the Internet Archive "The books that we digitize are prioritized based on how often they are requested with this [Want to Read] feature".

The same email also said "You can also sponsor a book by visiting https://openlibrary.org/sponsorship, where you can make a direct donation to allow us to purchase and digitize a book. If you do so, you'll be able to reserve the first borrow of that book for yourself".


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That is great news Maureen, I have a few rarities to suggest, and even if only one makes it that will be great for future researchers.

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