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Can anyone help with a querie I have had through the Birmingham Branch of the WFA of which I am a member.

Private F Stock, 98030, Machine Gun Corps was awarded the MM and the Bar in Feb 1919. Can anyone help with info regarding him.



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From my MGC H&A notes and data:

98030 STOCK F A/L/CPL MM 03/07/1919



20/08/1919 10558 38 BN KETTERING

Given the proximity of dates of LG, I think the 32 Bn/38 Bn disconnect may be a transcription error. I'll cross check with the online LG and get back to you..


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Nope! Knew I'd checked all my transcription! 32/38 Bn is how Gazetted. I feel in my bones that one or other may be wrong, but some drilling in War Diaries might be required.

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Not necessarily - many of the 1919 awards were retrospective, and could date back some time.

Given that 32nd Division lost heavily in March 1918, then this man could have got his first MM for March 1918 - and maybe was wounded and then returned to join 38 Bn MGC.

The 38th Div took part in an incredible leap across the Somme in August 1918, and was awarded a large number of medals for actions at Aveluy, Contalmaison, Bazentin, Longueval and then the capture of the Morval Ridge. Perhaps his bar was for this?

As you say, needs checking in the war diaries.

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Good point, Paul. The only wobble - and hearsay is 101% fallible :huh: is that Terry says that both were awarded for February 18.

But the circumstances appear to point, from your information, that the LG is right in this case. (Thank goodness - having been down in the weeds of all these awards to the MGC, there are times I doubt my own sanity :blink: - let alone transcription! FYI - all told, counting ALL awards (excluding the MID) to UK, AUS, CAN & NZ the total's over <sharp intake of breath> 9,000

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