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Remembered Today:

Taranto 1918, as seen by an American

christine liava'a

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Weather is Fine

“We are camped in our “pup” tents. The weather is like October in the Ozarks when it is fine. When the wind and rain come off the sea the weather is simply -------. We are a few miles from the sea, near a big port. The docks and railway yards are inspiring sights. Americans of forty or more nationalistic derivations -British, French, Lascars, Chinese, Malays, Fijians, German prisoners from all parts of Germany, Japs, Spanish, Portuguese, Belgians, Irish, Scotch, Senegalese -- all shouting and hollering at the top of their voices as they pull and haul and pack and carry. The scream of the steam whistles; the clank of chain cables; the honks of trucks and motor cars combine to make a spectacle not easily forgotten.

If the Kaiser and his junkers could see and hear this, they would be in a great hurry to make peace. The demoniacal concert never ends, night or day, Sunday or Monday. Your “philosopher” has his part in it. He is often flagman on the beam of a steam derrick. At times he packs and carries and at other times uses a crowbar and a pick. His hours at present are from 7 pm to 2 am.

Herman Hoelke; The Evening Missourian; Oct 24, 1918 (Chronicling America)

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