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4th Army Trench Mortar School Vaux-en-Amienois


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Hello All

Can someone help please. I am looking for references to the 4th Army Trench Mortar School which was at Vaux-en-Amienois on the Somme. The reason being I am researching Cpl (later Sgt) Harry Clark MM 2nd OXBLI who was an instructor at this school from Nov 1916 till Feb 1917. 

Many thanks



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I doubt you will find much about it. I have also tried, all I know is that each mortar school trained instructors and personnel to replace wastage. There were 8 Officers and 100 Other Ranks for each three week course. I believe 4th Army Trench Mortar School was formed at Val’heureux, moving to Vaux-en-Amienois on November 9, 1916.

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Dear David


Thank you for your post and the snippett of information about the 4th Army T rench Mortar School. Since posting my appeal for info above, I have found the reference below to the school in Gerald Gliddon’s book Somme 1916. A Battlefield Companion:


“Throughout part of 1916, Fourth Army ran a Trench Mortar School in the village which seems to have resulted in at least 14 and maybe 15 fatal accidents mostly in November and December; six men were killed on 8th December alone. The men were buried in Vaux-en-Amienois Communal Cemetery; one Sgt H S Meehan (A11) of 13th Australian Battalion (4th Brigade 4th Division), used to have a special memorial.”


Perhaps doing some research on these men may find more on the school methinks.


Vaux-en-Ameinois was where Sgt Harry Clark met his wife Pauline Blandurel who he married after moving to the GHQ Trench Mortar School at Etaples.







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