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Found this tobacco box in a antique shop named to A Perrin 1916 and inside was this newspaper cutting of a poem to the downed Zeppelin LZ85 taken from the Balkan News. Such a pity we will never know who he was as there are no other service details on the case. IMG_20220630_164859.jpg.5e23014badf5bc9d6a64ff25a0e05243.jpgIMG_20220630_164950.jpg.72ba9181bcc106bdb62a6d1c9cd19223.jpgIMG_20220630_165004.jpg.e37ed35c58cb92cdc9d0a625105b51c9.jpgIMG_20220630_165026.jpg.90fd62b034b05a32f95c060c78f4072d.jpgIMG_20220630_165114.jpg.8c15b2a0e8d9f786a2e0a19725d5f421.jpg

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There is this A.perrin on the National Roll of the Great War, served in Salonica:-

Screenshot 2022-06-30 at 18.16.14.pngimage courtesy of FMP

as the OP is 'close to the Manchester Ship Canal might be worth further research(?)


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Only done a very brief search. I like the sound of the Manchester Reg. Whoever he was he was there in 1916.


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The poem was written (perhaps??) by Pte Archie Mason, 2nd NFA RAMC, 86th Field Ambulance, 28 Div,  and appeared in the papers June 1916. 


The version appearing in June 1917 no longer says ' by one who was there' but has Mason's name.

The original had appeared in the Balkan News and had been copied by a number of soldiers and sent to the UK newspapers.

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