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I was wondering if anyone has seen any information about breathing exercises that were or might have been practiced either as part of a fitness regime during training or perhaps recommended as part of a post injury recovery programme?

Maybe this isn't the best heading to post this request under from the 'during training' point of view but as a medically/ fitnessy subject I thought I would post it in here before trying  elsewhere to see if anyone has any PTI manuals etc. which might have something on the subject.

The request for information has arisen from a couple of things, one of which is  that I have heard of several instances where chaps who served in WW1 did morning & sometimes evening breathing exercises many years after their service had ended. These were not victims of gas attacks, but chaps who seemed to exercise to keep themselves fit & healthy well into later life. Was it just their nature, or was it something instilled in them during their time serving which they thought would stand them in good stead if they continued it as part of a daily routine? I dont know, but I'd be interested to hear if anyone else has heard anything similar. Fitness & exercise were popular in the inter war years so maybe they picked up on it then, or perhaps it rekindled a spark from a time prior to then. Any thoughts?

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1. https://militaryhealth.bmj.com/content/37/4/278

2. 1907, may be relevant, but see no.4. https://militaryhealth.bmj.com/content/8/6/574

3. https://militaryhealth.bmj.com/content/26/6/798

4. https://militaryhealth.bmj.com/content/20/1/114

5. Russian army, 1912: https://militaryhealth.bmj.com/content/19/2/221

6. https://europepmc.org/article/MED/19979513

That's all I've been able to track down I'm afraid. There may be something in more general army/navy fitness/ exercise/ rehabilitation books.

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