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I am trying to trace William Kemps, 12241, R Innis fus, movement from a Canadian Hospital in Salonika to Malta.  I know he departed Malta on 20th feb 1916 bound back to the UK.  There was two possibilities for the correct hospital in Salonika, but I have no clue which hospital ship he may have been put on.  Does anyone have any listings?  I know its a stab in the dark considering how few files are available to this campaign.





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The HS Guildford Castle was certainly plying that route in late 1915. Unfortunately their diary stops at Nov 1915 and picks up again in Aug 1916. The final week in Nov 1915 has voyages: Alexandria, Mudros, Sulva, Mudros, Malta & Southampton.

I'm looking at Mediterranean Sick & Wounded lists from the casualty lists topic and could suggest some other options. Could be worth knowing that HS Lanfranc evacuated from Malta to Alexandria in Feb 1916 and perhaps wounded were evacuated from Alex?

Other options:

HS Gascon, HS Essiquibo, HS Panama & HS Marama all evacuating from Malta to UK for the right date.

HS Panama looks like a good bet, it crops up on more than once as evacuating from Malta to the UK 20/2/1916. No diary for that period.




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