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Marking Dz.941 on ersatz scabbard?


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I wanted to make sure.

Scabbard from ersatz or M 1914. Marking Dz.941.

I know another marking Dz. 91 from very rare looks like 98/05 ersatz bayo with wood grip and double MR.

Roy Williams helped me decode it as Danziger Zoll.

It is correct?


Best Rafal


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Not an army marking, I don't think, Reichsheer or Weimar, although the sizes used here are army-like. Danziger Zoll Amt it could well be! 


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Yes the Danziger Zoll could be real, question remains that S14 was used on similar items postwar? 941 is probably not real for a Zoll Amt, second explanation could be Danziger Zeugdepot inventory marking.

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It could be not commonly but I saw M1914 with RBD marking.


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RBD was a independent organisation, ZollAmt would be possibility but not with so high number 941, i would think more in inventory marking of Danziger Depot or Zeugdepot. It looks like there was 931 over stamped to 941?

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