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Casualty List delay time

Jim Hastings

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Afternoon All,

Just wondering if there is a ball-park figure for the delay between a soldier being wounded and it being reported on the Casualty List by the War Office? Just working through some Forces War Record documents and trying to cross reference with War Diaries etc. It all may be very hit and miss I am assuming, but I'm thinking 4 to 6 weeks? 

Appreciate any guidance from those more experienced in such

Have a good rest of Saturday 

Many thanks, Jim

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2 hours ago, Jim Hastings said:

but I'm thinking 4 to 6 weeks? 

Reasonable. Never earlier than 4 wks except I think certain officers? 4-5 wks under normal conditions except when system gets overwhelmed- rare. Men overlooked could have a retrospective report months after- particularly slow in 14/15.


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Excellent, good to know I'm on the right line, thank you Charlie 

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