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Remembered Today:

Online: RUSI Journal Collection Archive.org incl. ww1 to 1925, also other years


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I saw the following collection mentioned on WW2Talk Forum.

Available online the Internet Archive, a collection titled  RUSI Journal 1857-2013 consisting of Journals of the Royal United Service Institution



From August 1914 this Journal was published quarterly, and from what I can see, there is a complete coverage from August 1914 to 1925,  together with earlier, and limited later editions.

However there is a drawback as some editions appear to lack a Contents page, however most November Quarterly editions are noted to contain an Index for the year at the back of the book.

1914 No Index seen.

https://archive.org/details/sim_rusi-journal_1915-11_60_440/page/n323/mode/2up 1915 Index

https://archive.org/details/sim_rusi-journal_1916-05_61_442/page/n237/mode/2up 1916 Index

https://archive.org/details/sim_rusi-journal_1916-11_61_444/page/n287/mode/2up 1916 Index

https://archive.org/details/sim_rusi-journal_1917-11_62_448/page/n241/mode/2up 1917 Index

https://archive.org/details/sim_rusi-journal_1918-11_63_452/page/n205/mode/2up 1918 Index

No Index seen for 1919

https://archive.org/details/sim_rusi-journal_1920-11_65_460/page/n215/mode/2up 1920 Index

https://archive.org/details/sim_rusi-journal_1921_66_index/page/n1/mode/2up 1921 Index

https://archive.org/details/sim_rusi-journal_1922-11_67_468/page/n223/mode/2up 1922 Index

https://archive.org/details/sim_rusi-journal_1923-11_68_472/page/n229/mode/2up 1923 Index

https://archive.org/details/sim_rusi-journal_1924-11_69_476/page/n245/mode/2up 1924 Index

https://archive.org/details/sim_rusi-journal_1925-11_70_480/page/n253/mode/2up 1925 Index


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Thank you Maureen, that’s a fantastic set of resources.  It’s much appreciated that you took the time to lay out the detail.  You are a star!

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