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Remembered Today:

1st July Thiepval


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Been asked by a friend about timetable for Thiepval 1st July, is there a thread or can some kind person give me details?


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I think it was 11 O'Clock last year at Thiepval, it gets busy and parking is quite a nightmare, although they do seem to fit everyone in!

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Watch out for the one-way system which gets put in place on the road which goes from Thiepval past the Ulster Tower in the afternoon! I don't think it's in place in the morning (though I could be wrong). Anyway, it's very strictly enforced by the French police while its in place.


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Thiepval has been 11am for some years now, the one at New Foundland park however seems to change from year to the next, or did so in the early years, not been there for some time now.

See you july 1st.


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