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Okay, I'm sorry. First Midtems - meaning I had to read and grade 200 exams - then the "vacation" where I am working 10 - 7 at the bike shop AND the race at Lago Vista where Lauren took 1,000 photos in one day of racing ( Bicycle racing team website ) and the three days of editing ... so I spent about a week or so off the forum.

This morning I was greeted with 3,024 unread strings! I dutifully went through each page of strings and even posted a few times.

Am I forgiven?

Is there a way we can search on only the "really good" arguments, funny jokes, revisionist interpretations of either "attrition" or Haig?

I do have a dog picture - will that help?


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No Andythe good! :D but a kitty picture would be great! :blink: Have just learned that one of mine I feared was fatally ill is not, that bad Pierre a black cat , have two of those, bad! My black and white one os so good though! Yesterday he savaged yet another roll of toilet paper, I feel sure it must have said something bad about his Dad!

Oh, and Andy, know you will be envious, yesterday to celebrate my own blood test results had White Castles for breakfast! Mmm!

Going to be a tough day, got to walk two blocks to Rupp Arena for the greatest show on earth, the Kentucky boys basketball state tournament, the only true sweet 16 left in the US. There are no classes, all schools compete regardless of size and now and then a small school wins, in 96 Paintsville with less than 400 students won. lexington's Henry Clay HS has a great chance, they are 29-3 and the coach is a good friend, played for Rupp at UK.

What a hijack!

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Andy...did you ever recieve the 4 Canadian Poppys I sent you?

Dean Owen

Whitby Ontario Canada

Yes, I did ... but the envelope got seperated so I was at a loss to reply in thanks.

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to THANK you. I will keep these next to my British poppies - Again, I can't tell you how much it means to me.

The Ottowa War Memorial seen as a little boy (1958 or so) was a big start on my military history interest and Vimy was an incredible life-long dream to visit. Now these Canadian Poppies will be there forever as a reminder of the dedication of a little (population) country's dedication and sacrifice ...

Thank you once again ...

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I survived my surgery yesterday much better and pain free (so far) than expected. I am on the road to recovery with a constant session of the Forum open. Andy

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