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1915 Medal Roll Catagories


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As part of my research on a unit, I'm transcribing all of the summary sheets of the 1915 medal rolls.

There are three catagories, A B & C. 

C seems to be pretty straight forward - Most of the units have used Cas a supplemental roll. If A man had served with another unit when he was entitled to the star, he, and usually, the battalion he served with is listed in the supplemental roll. 

However, does anyonw know what A & B are for, some of the units have "A" clean, no deserters, bo illness, died or sickness etc. These are very few. Some Units have thier Regular battaliions as "A", and Service, TF as B, On the other hand some have the Regulars and the Service Battalions in A and the T.F. as B. 

Are there army orders stating what each catagory is for and where can I find them.  

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