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Searching Nurses details

percy green

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Hi All bit of a long shot but I have been trying to find information on the lady who wrote this letter to the Mother of my Great Uncle after he lost his leg but so far I have drawn a blank partly because I am struggling to interpret the surname  and secondly I am not sure where to search a nurse. I looks as though the first name is Muriel and the surname may start with an H. Any help would be much appreciated. Regards Percy


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Thanks so much that is brilliant ever since I saw the letter l have wanted to know who she was. It has always amazed me with all they were probably going through themselves that they could still take time to draft individual letters, truly inspirational ladies. Kind regards Percy

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Dear All,

The Nurses were a magnificent lot!

I have the K-i-H 5th class (Bronze) (1947) to Matron Sally Round (who served with QAIMNSR during the Great War, being decorated with a St Sava award), whose dedication mirrored that of Constance Muriel Hocken, T.F.N.S.

Interestingly C. Murial Hocken (Image?) had a connection to India, where Sally Round worked saint-like for many years!

Kindest regards,


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