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Volunteer Training Corps Dublin 1916


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Dear all,

 In the Trinity College Dublin War List for the Great War my great grandfather (George Henry Smith) is listed as having served in the volunteers. He would have been nearly sixty at the time and I have always been intrigued what this reference meant. Can anyone help? Are there nominal rolls for the Volunteer Training Corps?

Thanks in advance for any help.


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There are no membership rolls available for the IAVTC sadly. The 1916 Rebellion Handbook has a list of the Defenders of Trinity College and Beggar's Bush Barracks. A Cadet Smith is listed in the Trinity list but no forename given.

If at Trinity during the Easter Rising he would have received a small silver cup as a token.

The IAVTC were paraded at Trinity in early May 1916 with PM Herbert Asquith etc in attendance and filmed by Gordon Lewis (later a Pathe cameraman)









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