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Turkish Corps


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Did somebody have info about Turkish army corps ?

I need locations during the war, and corps commanders ? ;)

I study Sarikamish battle, and i can give russian order of battle if somebody want.

I have found russian web about WWI : in russian, but with a good translater, no problem (like tranlate.ru). It was on www.grwar.ru. :D

Numerous books on caucasian campaign, tannenberg or brussilov offensive.


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Did you want the information for the whole war? If so, this might be a lot of work for someone. Or are you interested in a particular campaign, battle or time period?


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Yes, I think it is a little bit too much ! It will be very useful about Caucasian front ; I have some info about Sarikamish campaign, from russian books, but it is not so easy about 1915's and 1916's campaign !!!

I think corps commanders will be, in a first time, enough. But if somebody has divisions : it was 9, 10 and 11 Corps, in 1914 and I don't now if new corps came after ; I just know that 2nd army came in 1916, after Erzurum fall.

For the rest of the army, I have all Armies Commanders, and divisions locations during the war.

One question more is about corps structure : did the "fusiliers" ("jäger" or "chasseurs") btn and regiments were really built. It seems there must have 1 btn in a division, and a 3 btns regiment by army corps ! but i never find this in Caucasian battles ! :(

For those who need, I find yesterday a divisionnal locations of german divisions by theater of operation, month by month, from the french "Revue Historique de l'Armée". I work on it and maybe I can let it on this forum. ;)

See you soon


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Hi Robert,

Nice to hear from you too. Yes all is fine. I was too busy in school with academic stuffs and lectures. I hope all is well on your side too.


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For the first two years of the war, the 9th, 10th, and 11th Corps formed the core of the Ottoman forces.

3rd Army: Army commander Hasan Izzet Pasa

9th Corps: 17th, 28th, 28th Divisions. Corps commander Mirliva Ahmet Fevzi

10th Corps: 30th, 31st, 32nd Divisions. Corps commander Mirliva Ziya

11th Corps: 18th, 33rd, 34th Divsions. Corps commander Mirliva Galip Pasa

Army troops: 2nd Regular (Nizam) Cavalry, 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th Ihtiyat (Reserve) Cavalry Divisions, Van Jandarma Division (Van Seyyar Jandarma). The 36th Division joined the army in Feburary. Note that several of these commanders wre replaced by Enver Pasa in 1914.

The 1st Expeditionary Force (Kuvvei Seferiyanin) joined in Jan 1915. This unit became the 51st Divison.

The 5th Expeditionary Force joined in Jan 1915. It became the 52nd Division.

Understand that many smaller units were present. Many other corps joined the army during the war and others arrived with 2nd Army.


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As starting point I would recommend getting a hold of a copy of "Ordered to Die" by Ed Erickson. (ISBN 0-313-31516-7). It's in English with good orders of battle info and a great bibliography.

Unlike many works in English Erickson speaks Turkish and based most of his work on Turkish sources.

Joe Sweeney

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