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Perhaps the most interesting thing i've read about ww1 was my country being involved, Now ive done a lot a research about kuwait in ww1. Problem i cant find much sources about it or any photos, at all. I checked local records, nothing, Tried to find books about the topic, nothing, Asked around still nothing. Now there is some sources say that "The same month, the ruler of Kuwait, Sheikh Mubarak Al-Sabah, contributed to the Allied war effort by sending forces to attack Ottoman troops at Umm Qasr, Safwan, Bubiyan, and Basra. In exchange the British government recognised Kuwait as an "independent government under British protection." There is no report on the exact size and nature of Mubarak's attack, though Ottoman forces did retreat from those positions weeks later. Mubarak soon removed the Ottoman symbol from the Kuwaiti flag and replaced it with "Kuwait" written in Arabic script. Mubarak's participation and previous exploits in obstructing the completion of the Baghdad railway helped the British safeguard the Persian Gulf by preventing Ottoman and German reinforcement." This is from wiki but its basically the same source on multiple sites ive read from. This is the only thing i found about kuwait involvement in ww1, I cant find photos or anything. So i would really appreciate help from you guys

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There are a few references to Kuwait in the book available online, but seemingly nothing about actual fighting.

The Fall of The Ottomans: The Great War In The Middle East by Eugene Rogan  Contents. Archive.org.

Perhaps there may be something in the Bibliography.


Al-Khatrash, F. A. (1970) British political relation with Kuwait 1890-1921, Durham theses, Durham

University. Available at Durham E-Theses Online: http://etheses.dur.ac.uk/9812/ or direct link http://etheses.dur.ac.uk/9812/1/9812_6606.PDF


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Wasn’t TE Lawrence involved in this?  I know that he was a so-called Arabist and I gained the impression that he was involved in several operations to encourage collaboration with more than one sheikh.  It might be worth looking into his activities.  

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