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Remembered Today:

Poster - "I nostri valorosi marinai" and "l'isola di Pelagosa."


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On my last day of work before retirement I discovered this in a box... I think Pelagosa is https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Palagruža, so is the picture of the 1915 attack mentioned in Wikipedia? The caption reads I nostri valorosi marinai respingono la flotta Austriaca che tenta di riprender l'isola di Pelagosa.

The details show the imprint and the artist's (?) name.

PS: I'm doing this to satisfy my own curiosity, not for work!!




Pelagosa detail 1.jpg

Pelagosa detail 2.jpg





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Italian Wikipedia has the same poster:


with the caption : "Italian propaganda poster that emphasizes the defense of the island during the battle of 30 July "

The poster itself is titled: "Our valiant sailors repel the Austrian fleet which attempts to retake the island of Pelagosa."

Name of the printer: Stabilimento Tipo-Litografico Edoardo Ducci, Via dei Pilastri 32, Firenze


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Thank you JWK!

Unfortunately there's absolutely no hint as to how the poster reached its present location, which is a pity.

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