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The Trinidad Merchants and Planters Contingent 1915-1918 Records of service by Henry Dow, 1925, direct pdf link

A Few Notes on the History of the British West Indies Regiment by Lt.-Col. C Wood-Hill. Undated, but written post Armistice about the problems of service during the First World War. 

Both from the website westindiacommittee.org.

Supposedly from the link  The Caribbean's Great War, although the links within this don't seem to be currently working, but you can alternatively  Search the Archive  (westindiacommittee.org)


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There is a Great War Supplement as part of the 1919 edition of the Trinidad and Tobago Year Book available at Archive.org

The Supplement commences digital page 10 https://archive.org/details/trinidad-year-book-1919/page/n9/mode/2up

The section "What the Colony of Trinidad and Tobago has done in the Great War in the way of men" includes photographs. https://archive.org/details/trinidad-year-book-1919/page/n41/mode/2up.


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