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Delville Wood medallion

Pam Quinton

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Hi Pam and welcome to the forum. This is a not very good photo of what the plaque depicts, the entrance to the South African Memorial in the middle of Delville Wood on the Somme. It is taken from in front of the museum looking out along the avenue that runs down to Delville Wood cemetery and the village of Longueval.




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Thank you for your replies 
I I have been offered this along with another WW1 medal and do not know what to pay for it

There is no example of the actual medallion to go by

Perhaps  it is rare

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I'm not a collector so couldn't possibly advise on value other than to say that the item is only worth what the purchaser is comfortable with paying. Out of interest what is the medal you refer to?


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The medal is the Boer war Queens victoria medal.

This person told me that it was his Father's  Grandfathers medal  but the surnames do not line up

The medal is to A.B.L. Munro.  

He also said he wants R4000 rand for the Delville Wood medallion which is rather steep for a dealer

This is the curse of the internet where the inexperienced want to be dealers overnight and shudder at the though of anyone else making a profit

I will not proceeding with the deal anyway because it may just be hot seeing he lied about the surname. It makes me think it may be stolen

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On 17/11/2021 at 15:56, ajsmith said:

Looks like the plaque awarded to the people involved in the memorial's construction and inauguration in 1926.  See here https://www.iwm.org.uk/collections/item/object/40842

I think you are correct. I just wonder if only one was made or if all the soldiers received one.

If there is only 1 example then I am almost sure it would be a stolen object


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The piece on the IWM site is the control so only one of those: but I imagine that quite a few were made if everyone involved got one. Hard to know exactly how many.

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Oh my patience and digging until I get an answer always pays off.

Here is an example on auction which shows the estimate between R3000 to R5000

153. – Plaque (bronze, 71x100mm, 426.6gms) – Delville Wood Memorial 3.000 – 5.000 This was given to VIP guests as a souvenir 10 October 1926. obverse: depicting the Memorial “For their Faith and Freedom they died/Volvertroue het hulle vir Vryheid gesterf”; “1914 South African National Monument 1918”; reverse: depicting horse being held by 2 men and “Brotherhood” inscription. See colour plate.

This comes from this link and can be found on page 70 and 71 if you scale down.


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