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Wounded & Sick list 24622

Martin Lepley

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I have come across this interesting list from a website called theRooms.ca I think it is a pay website but this was exposed via a google search.



Does anyone know if this data is available elsewhere? I am interested in 32006, Pte R. MONTEITH and when he may have left the Boulogne CON. DEP. I assume went to Etaples to be reassigned. 


Thanks in advance



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These lists were recycled and the reverse was used to save paper and became added to service files. This list is more than likely within another soldier's set of records, therefore it should be with Ancestry & Find my Past. However, only FMP have bothered to index the names & numbers.

Having said that I've just tried a search for Monteith & Field on FMP and not found entries for the list!

Perhaps the Newfoundland stamp means this came from a Canadian record set hence therooms.ca have it?

Anyway, these lists only provide a snapshot, there is no trail of paperwork that gives more.

Monteith does have a hospital admission entry on FMP for the same injury for 4th stationary hospital. This is obviously before the Convalescent Depot.



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His name would have originally appeared on quite a few lists of this type. It's only luck of the draw as to how a copy of a particular sheet was used for something else in another man's record.

By 'not complete' I assume you mean it only gives one part of the story?

The other parts of the story would have been on other lists separated by weeks. The lists were only intended to convey what was needed for record offices. For Monteith the Warley office collated the information from lists that arrived there with his name and the list served no further purpose.

Many of these lists that are found via FMP are incomplete in the sense that they have been cut in half and only one half survives or have burnt edges, far more frustrating!

Interesting that the Canadian records at least for Rideout have retained a copy of his lists for inclusion in his service file. I wonder how many such lists survive.


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This is another piece in the jigsaw of MONTEITH's last year. Would be good to find when he exits Boulogne and back to duty.


I suspect that there are more records in the Canadian lists on that website. Is there anyone who documents these?

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I suspect there will be many such lists in the Canadian records.

FMP indexed these sheets so they are the main source for finding men by name/number with Military Records. I did try for Monteith with no luck.

There are some lists on the reverse of Medal Rolls as well and possibly other sources.

I can't see the Canadian ones being Indexed, unless a search for Monteith on their site produces a result? it means 1000s of British troop details on such lists are held in Canada and maybe elsewhere, Australia etc.

As for anyone documenting and collating these lists it's this forum that has done the most work.

There is a diary for the hospital and probably the Convalescent Depot. I can't see there being individual details only daily or weekly total numbers moving in or out. If there is a depot diary it may give an idea of the general trend regarding how men were disposed of back to duty.


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