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Lakeside Unit Cleveland Doctor 1915 French Appreciation Plaque


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Recently acquired this from an estate auction, and I believe it is very unique and a rare part of history. The bronze plaque on carved stone shows a figure laying flowers on a fallen french soldier. The top latin inscription translates to "Creator... to you again when mercy will return life." Bottom inscription translates from french, "Tribute to Dr. E. F. Kieger • The Grateful wounded french • War 1914-1915". Artist: Christian De Quineise. Other mark on right bottom is "Fern. Py. Sc.". I believe this plaque was given to an Edward Kieger who was a resident with the Lakeside Unit, a collection of doctors and nurses from Cleveland led by a Dr. George Crile, OH who were the first Americans deployed to Europe. They operated from 1914-1915, and were among the first to experience the traumas of this modern war. Dr. Edward F Kieger is left in the last photo.


Would love more information on this piece, and am curious if anyone has seen another? Thanks!










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