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Graphic novels about The Red Baron by Wayne Vansant and Pierre Veys/Carlos Puerta


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For Christmas I'm thinking about getting The Red Baron: The Graphic History of Richthofen's Flying Circus and the Air War in WWI by Wayne Vansant or Red Baron: The Machine Gunner's Ball by Pierre Veys/Carlos Puerta for my 9-year-old, who's very interested in -- you guessed it -- Manfred von Richthofen. Right now I'm leaning towards the Vansant but wanted to check in here first and see if anyone wanted to share their opinions/reviews about either of them.

The Vansant version looks more comprehensive. He used to draw for Marvel and has done a lot of war-themed books, including an adaptation of All Quiet on the Western Front. However, I'm not a fan of his art style. It reminds me too much of Prince Valiant and Mark Trail.

The Veys/Puerta take on the story seems a lot weirder, more of a "based on true events" kind of thing than a biography. According to two reviewers, this book portrays von Richthofen as "a sociopath with a superpower" (he likes to see people suffer and is able to detect threats before they materialise). So I feel somewhat uncomfortable getting such a book for my kid. The art looks amazing, though. If I were buying for myself, it would be this one hands down.

Thanks for any help!

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