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Remembered Today:

12th March 1915

Julian Dawson

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Smuts was appointed CIC EA October 1915 after replacing Smith Dorrian , who became ill, Smut's disembarking Mombassa February 18th 1916.

The Kitovu Hills are in Kenya close to the Tanzanian border, near Taita Camp and Salaita Hill . The latter would not be captured until 12th February 1916.

Are you sure your date is correct??

On 15th March 1916 Smut's force had completed the capture/rout of the Latema Reita Nek and was in pursuit of Von Lettow along the Pangani/Pare valley.


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I took this from a WWI chronology. And it is clearly incorrect. Apologies for that. Just goes to show never to trust everything you read. Just as well we have plenty of experts in the house. ;)

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