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RAMC on Royal Navy Ships


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Does anybody know if RAMC personnel served on RN ships circa 1912?

I have an RAMC chap who served 1905 to 1919, and shown in a photo of HMS Mosquito Racing team 1912.

Any ideas?



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Got a name? I've come across several RN Medical Service officers who changed over to RAMC; maybe he did the reverse, temporarily.

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In April 1912 HMS MOSQUITO (a new -1910 - BEAGLE Class destroyer) was based on the depot ship HMS BLENHEIM at Harwich as part of the 3rd Destroyer Flotilla.

MOSQUITO only carried five officers, including the captain. Destroyers did not carry a doctor. The wardroom may have co-opted a local army MO to form an officers' boat's crew for a 1912 regatta. Just a possibility.

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11 hours ago, horatio2 said:

Destroyers did not carry a doctor

Not at that date - I hope I'm correct in saying that the Admiralty realised after the battle of Heligoland Bight that smaller fighting ships also needed an MO aboard. Hence the uptake of surgeon probationers to fill the gap between requirement and actuality.

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12 hours ago, Alanatabz said:

Alfred Carson

Is that Alfred Carson 301004? If so I can only find him as a sergeant major (in the Medal Index Card listings; I think I had the search wide enough to trawl all possibilities). I'll see if I can find a cross-bearing from the naval side.

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