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Most beautiful battlefield of WW1


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It's been a while since I posted here, so here are a few photos from my recent trip to the Ortles-Ceverdale sector of the Italian Front, without doubt the most beautiful battlefield of WW1. I spent two weeks in Italy this summer exploring the Ortles, Piave and Altopiano. Will post some more photos from those sectors in due course.


One of the Italian 149mm howitzers at Eiskofel (10,744ft), captured by the Austrians at Caporetto and used here against the Italians.



Italian-held Monte Zebru (12,218ft) in the centre. To the left, the north summit of Gran Zebru (12,634ft) was held by the Italians, the south summit by the Austrians.



Part of the winding gear from a wartime Italian cablecar (teleferica) at Capanna Milano (Italian HQ) at 9,415ft.


Italian barbed wire on the Passo Zebru (9812ft) on the Italian front line.



Yours truly on the Passo Cevedale (10,682ft), a front line Austrian position.



View from the Zebru glacier (11,00ft). During the war there was a 1400m long tunnel somewhere beneath my feet which led from Capanna Milano up to the Passo dell'Ortles, dug through constantly-moving ice.


You can see loads more by trawling through my Twitter feed (@masaccio60).


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Absolutely stupendous photos as ever Tom. I like your twitter name too, very subtle.



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second that !! 

Great pics!!! I think I need a vacation to Italy... 


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Vacation??? I think you mean "arduous research trip"  ;-)

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Super pics 

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Incredibly beautiful location...hard to envisage ww1 battlefields here. 

What i find incredible is that the soldiers managed to carry armaments upto such a location let alone dig in and fight. 

Proper men in a different era

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