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50% of romanian soldiers died


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According to this web site, romanians had 50% dead, against 15% or less for all other countries, why?

Romanians were 3 times as likely to die as they were to be wounded. No other country has more dead than wounded. On the countrary, most of the time the chances of being wounded is 2-3 times the chances of dying.

Why this unique pattern to Romanian's losses? Any romanian account of the war available?

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there are a series of fora. One of them deals with World War I. You might post your query there and see if any of them know. There's both a Romanian and English language part to the site.


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      Here is your link    http://www.worldwar2.ro/forum/index.php?showtopic=2885&st=0           WorldWar2.ro Forum -> Non-WW2 Topics -> WW1 and Regional Wars (1912-1919)    Have fun    Mircea

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