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Remembered Today:

Hermann Wendt: Verdun 1916: Die Angriffe Falkenhayns im Maasgebiet mit Richtung auf Verdun als strategisches Problem


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I have read some reflections of one of our most knowledgeable member: Paul Hederer about this work of Hermann Wendt.

My local library unfortunately doesn't have this rare book. All surrounding libraries don't have it. It seems that I have to make a trip to Washington D.C to be able to borrow it. 

I wonder what is the table of content of this book? Is it printed in Fraktur?

If you own a copy of this book, could you post some pictures, especially the table of content?

The second thing I wish to ask from those who own it is to write some of your reflections on this book. Why is it such an astounding study of German strategy and tactics in Verdun?

I am looking forward to hearing from you.

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I don't visit the GWF much anymore, but happened to stumble across your post today by accident. I've sent you a PM


Edited by Paul Hederer
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