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Death plaque on eBay

Mat McLachlan

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Hi all,

For anyone that's interested, there is a death plaque for sale on the Aussie eBay site commemorating Arthur Graham Johnson. A quick scan of the CWGC register lists only one man with this name - a Lieutenant Colonel.

I'm not a collector of plaques, so I don't know if this man's relatively high rank makes it more collectable, but I thought I'd bring it to the attention of those who may be interested. click here

Out of interest, are death plaques of higher-ranking soldiers more highly prized by collectors?



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Posted a reply, but the crash seems to have eaten it!

Not strictly true - although only one Arthur Graham Johnson is listed, on page 21 there are a few AG Johnson's listed. Soldiers Died might eliminate a few of these.


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As with any plaque it's value will be highest to the person who holds his medals (especially if they still reside in the family!). Plaques to officers are scarcer than those to ORs, simply as there were fewer of them, and similarly fewer Lt.Cols than 2/Lieuts. Attributable plaques are also worth more than 'common' name plaques. A unique plaque to a Pte will probably get more than a 'John Smith', one of whom happens to be a Lt.Col. But as always, anything is only worth what someone is prepared to pay for it.

As an example I have a plaque to a Sgt who demise on 13th October 1914 was fully described in the Regt History and various other books: he climbed a tree on one bank of the La Bassee canal to be able to shoot at the Germans on the other bank. In such an exposed position his life expectancy was short and so it proved to be. The £90 this cost me I thought was well worth it.



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there is a a.g. johnson of the r.a.f. which could be him?


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