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WW2 Royal Navy records - where to start?


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Hi all,

Appreciate this is a WW1 forum so apologies in advance but hoping to find information on my granduncle (my grandfathers brother) - James (aka Jim) Clark. Both he and my grandfather served in the navy during WW2.

I have plenty of information on my grandfathers activities but nothing on my granduncle. To be honest, I'm not even 100% confident if he did serve in the navy although my uncle tells me he once had a picture of his dad (my grandfather) and his uncle (my granduncle) in their navy outfits. 

I've tried searching on Forces War Records, but the number of James or J Clarks is immense, and not all records record date of birth or place of birth/residence.

Any tips would be greatly appreciated.



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Sorry but this is off topic, please carry further correspondence via private messages. Good luck with your research.

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