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Anthony Wharton/AP McAllister - British Intelligence?


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Are there any records of AP MacAllister, who worked as Chief Clerk in the National University of Ireland, and is described in various web references as both working for British Intelligence and having served in a machine gun unit in World War I?





Edit: I suspect this is him in the 1911 Census - his name is given in various references as Alister, Anthony and Alexander:


Re-edit: and 1901


Re-re edit: note, the Great War Theatre link above says "And the Irish Independent, 29 June 1916, published a photograph of ‘Mr. “Anthony Wharton” who 'early in the war ... joined the Motor Machine Gun Service, has been twice wounded, and is at present in a Dublin Hospital’."834499397_SisterofAlisterMcAllisterdies.png.871da7235056b92e69b59232f7f93b1a.png2047395790_IrishmansDiaryaboutAlisterMcAllister.png.5600ab8df7dbb15e1bc39d41d3fe9bc9.png


And adding some screenshots - if the system will let me; obituary, appreciation and an obituary of his sister, Lady Eleanor McGrath, which mentions that their brother was Lieut-Col EJ McAllister, DSO, Tavistock, which might give a line into Alister McAllister.

Finally, there's an entry from a relative here (part of a listing of the four brothers)


"ALEXANDER PATRICK MCALLISTER (aka Alister McAllister) born 6 April 1877.

At the outbreak of the war he enlisted and went to France on 21 July 1915, a gunner with Machine Gun Corps Regimental Number 669. 2nd Lieutenant with A.S.C. Appointed Temporary Commander of ASC on 4 June 1917. Medal Index Card indicated 15 Star MGC First Battalion Page 37.. Also on" R F R with Motor Machine Gun Corps 103 Battalion/ 32".

(Lynn Brock (1877-1943) was the pseudonym of Alister McAllister, an Irish writer. He also wrote 'straight' novels as Anthony Wharton. McAllister was born in Dublin and educated at the National University of Ireland, where he became Chief Clerk. He served in British Intelligence and in the machine gun corps during WW1). He wrote a non fiction book about his war experiences entitled "the/a man on the hill" but I have not been able to track it down."

It's really his intelligence work that interests me, though - if anyone has any line into that I'd be delighted to hear it. 

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Changing title for spelling of name and to add 'British Intelligence'
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Where is the information on intelligence work? (Or even membership - I see the claims that he was working for British Intelligence, but no sources for this.)

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Hi Sinabhfuil

I can’t help with your query, but I would suggest amending the title of your thread, maybe adding British Intelligence.  This might help catch someone who can help.

Good luck


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Thank you, Mandy - I can't see how to do that, though. Can you tell me how? (Ah, 'sok, realised how to do it.)

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  • Sinabhfuil changed the title to Anthony Wharton/AP McAllister - British Intelligence?

There seems to be a couple of references to Allister McAllister in the Intelligence files in Kew, but whether these are as a tout or as an agent isn't clear; have to wait till/if Covid's over to find out.

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