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71/98 bayonet maker question


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i need a little help with the maker mark indentification as i'm little weak in the zone of edged weapon makers before the great war.the mark is most likely the shortcut ''S & K'' or ''S & Y''.have You encountered this marking on this type or or some another from this era?

from the other side i think the remains of letter L wich can mean a Ludwig Bavaria but im not certain










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Schnizler und Kirschbaum is the maker of old blade,the rework should be done pre Ww1 or partly in war.in reality it should be of Artillery S1860 when i remember corectly,converted to Gew.98 system.

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Thank You for this very fast answer,i will add this maker info to my data.are the german reworks of older german bayonets are also called an ersatz by the  collectors community and the book writers? Or maybe they are threted/called in other way? 


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I dont known how are similar bayonets designated by other collectors, anyway its normal S71/98 bayonet, made from older artillery bayonet, most real they were upgraded in piece time, anyway by german was not used the term ersatz bayonets, more probably by austrians was this frequentable. 

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