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HMS Queen Mary - Component Ship Plans


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While searching through a stack of ship plans, I came across the following document - "H.M.S. "QUEEN MARY" No. 410 SUCTION AND DISCHARGE TUBES FOR ELECTRIC ENGINE ROOMS". I have taken a picture below:



Admittedly I know very little about these plans, but thought I would share them in the hope that someone may know more about them. These came as part of a lot that accompanied a Victorian LSGC medal, the other documents covered HMS P25, P37, P48, P59, P60, P61 and P63. 

There are a couple of stamps on the document which I have provided closer up images of below:





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This appears to be part of Palmers original plans for the battle cruiser HMS Queen Mary, built at their yards. These are held by the National Maritime Museum in Greenwich and they have thumbnails of some of the plans here:

https://www.rmg.co.uk/collections/search/hms queen mary plans

I would imagine the Museum might well be interested in re-uniting them with the rest of the plans.

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I have reached out to RMG and I am currently awaiting their reply - thanks for the link to the collection as well!

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