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The 143rd Infantry Brigade - Photographs


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Hello everyone,


I wanted to share some images which I recently came across featuring various units of The 143rd Infantry Brigade of The 48th South Midland Divisions. 


The first two images feature members of The 1/7th Battalion, The Royal Warwickshire Regiment.


The third image is of Captain J.L. Mellor from The 1/6th Battalion, The Royal Warwickshire Regiment.


The forth, fifth and sixth images are well known and feature men of The Worcester Regiment close to Ovillers La Boiselle.


The seventh image features men of The Royal Warwickshire Regiment close to Peronne. 


I have seen seen these images captioned as being from elsewhere so I have tried my best to find their original sources.


I was wondering if any one could point me in the right direction for finding more images taken of men serving with The 1/6th Battalion, The Royal Warwickshire Regiment.


Best Wishes,


Micah Dominic Parsons










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