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"A" Company or "D" Company?


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The ICRC POW cards for Private S/22580 Peter A Dewar, 6th Gordon Highlanders have him variously as "D" Company and "A" Company. I think the "D" is a transcription error. What do you reckon?


The main card Click has him as "D" Coy


PA 28104 "A" Coy
PA 29127 "D" Coy ?
PA 35514 -
PA 36338 -
PA 37866 "A" Coy ?



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Post 1)

1 - "D" Coy

2 - A. Komp.

3 - 1/6 Gordon's D

4 - A. Kp.


Post 2)

1 - 1/16 Gordons D

2 - A. Komp


That makes it 3 all.


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Thanks Dai. no idea why they've made it so confusing, I was hoping one document might be more reliable in some way than another. Maybe never know. Thanks for taking the time to reply.



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