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Vimy Ridge Memorial


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Work has now commenced on the Vimy Memorial.

There are excavations being carried out around the memorial to see if any work needs to be done re subsidence or foundation remedial work.

This now means the memorial will now be closed until all restoration and remedial works are completed in 2 years time.

The memorial park is of course still open and tours of the tunnels and trench system is available.

More updated information can be found at http://www.vac-acc.gc.ca/remembers/sub.cfm...als/ww1mem/vimy when available.



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That's a blow, i'm off on my first battlefield tour next weekend and the memorial was on the list of places to visit.


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You'll still have a wonderful time in preserved trenches, tunnels etc. A great site even without the great memorial, Jim, and I guess you'll see that to some extent

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Be warned - the tour of the tunnels do not begin until April BUT I have just returned from my first ever visit and myself and friend were fortunate to get a personal guided tour as the site wasn't very busy.

Many thanks to Canadian Student Sandra who works there.

Use your charm and you might be lucky enough to go down the tunnels - we used our Essex charm and it was fantastic.

Once again many thanks to Sandra.

Good luck


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If your reading this Sandra, ther's a ferry load of manchester charm heading your way

And if that fails i'll just talk to her about my long lost daddy named Glyn who i beleive came from Essex :D



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