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Hello everyone,


I have made a few visits to the battlefield since 2014 but never quite had the courage or confidence to field walk yet which I am hoping to do when I return to France when the lockdown is over.


I was hoping to ask some advice on walking the landscape and what to look out for to help my understanding of the area. I am hoping to visit La Maisonette at Biaches and spend some time there really getting to grips with understanding the landscape and I was hoping I could ask some advice in rgeards to this.


I was also hoping to find a route using a trench map to follow the route taken by my Great Grandfather when he went into the line for the finaltime and I was wondering if anyone would be able to offer me some advice on finding this route.


Best Wishes


Micah Dominic Parsons

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its nice to be able to do it yourself, but at the peril of walking miles out of your way, it may pay to have a word with a couple of the members here and arrange a trip with them as you will possibly come across potential hazzards and farmers who you really should ask permission from.

there is also the need for checking any possible variations as your great grandfather may have had his , or whats left of his regiment amalgamated with another.

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Hello Chaz,


Thank you so much for your response, ti would be great to go on a trip with a number of other people.I really hope it will not be too long until we are out of lockdown.


Thank you so much for your help.


Best Wishes,


Micah Dominic Parsons

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